DIY Pom Pom Garland

Pom pom garland in action! [Apologies for the poor quality photos, I used my camera but I couldn't see the screen that well and didn't realize until uploading the photos that almost every one was completely blurry.] Supplies needed: Things you'll need for this project are:- yarn - sharp scissors- pom pom makers or cardboard,… Continue reading DIY Pom Pom Garland

What’s in my Backpack – Uni Student

I only have one more day before I go back to uni so I thought I’d make a lil blog post about what’s in my backpack! This is mostly because I got a new school box a week or two ago and I’m still so excited about it! I had a really rough spring semester… Continue reading What’s in my Backpack – Uni Student

Little Adventures – Photo Album

Here are some of the photos I took last year and this year. I really love taking photos, especially of buildings and nature! My camera isn't super fancy and it's a few years old but it does take nice photos. My laptop is older as well so I don't have any software to edit any… Continue reading Little Adventures – Photo Album

Fall Favorites

I originally wanted to do an October favorites but it passed by really fast so I thought I would just do a seasonal favorites post instead. I have tried more things since October that I’m excited about, so I’ll have more to talk about in this post! Also if you haven’t been here before, I… Continue reading Fall Favorites

Starter Vegan – Walmart Personal Care And Makeup Items

Cruelty-Free and Vegan personal care products can be found at a lot of stores. There might not be a lot of options in-store, but thankfully there are a great amount of brands that sell their products online! There are a lot of links in this post and I tried to make sure that they will… Continue reading Starter Vegan – Walmart Personal Care And Makeup Items

Starter Vegan – Walmart Groceries

I was originally going to make a full list of vegan and accidental vegan foods from Walmart and other stores, but it was extremely long! There are TONS of things you can buy that are vegan friendly, so instead of doing that, I’m just going to use a basic shopping outline that I found online… Continue reading Starter Vegan – Walmart Groceries

Mini May Mail Haul

At the end of April I ordered the Doki Doki box from Japancrate. It only took two weeks to arrive at my house after it shipped from Japan! The website says it can take up to six weeks to arrive, so I was pretty worried that I would end up getting it in June. I… Continue reading Mini May Mail Haul

Agatha Christie Book Collection

Here is my ever growing collection of Agatha Christie books. I bought most of them at Half Price Books, two from Barnes & Noble, and two from the website thriftbooks. It all started with an Agatha Christie computer game called And Then There Were None. I played it when I was younger and thought it… Continue reading Agatha Christie Book Collection