Agatha Christie Book Collection


Here is my ever growing collection of Agatha Christie books. I bought most of them at Half Price Books, two from Barnes & Noble, and two from the website thriftbooks.

It all started with an Agatha Christie computer game called And Then There Were None. I played it when I was younger and thought it was really cool. I would always get stuck on the part after the lights went out so I never finished the game and would end up quitting. Years later I walked into a Half Price Books and seen a book with an extremely cool cover called Sleeping Murder, and it was written by none other than Agatha Christie. I was really excited to read it because I liked the game so much and I’m also super into murder and mystery. I remember buying it for around $2 so that’s why I was confused on my next trip to HPB. It has that old book smell and the spine was creased where it was opened and read by someone else. It also has the initials K. C. on the inside. So shout out to K.C. for letting this book go!


After reading Sleeping Murder and liking it a lot, I decided I wanted more books from her and I also wanted to reorder the computer game. The game I ordered came with And Then There Were None and The Murder On The Orient Express as a box set. I seen they also had Evil Under The Sun but I decided to wait on that one. (Remind me to order it later!) I bought both of the books that the games were based on from Barnes & Noble so I would have an idea how the stories went and maybe that would help.

I would always check the books inside of the entrance at Half Price Books for more old Agatha Christie books but I could never find any for a really long time. I ended up buying Evil Under The Sun, the book probably came from a box set but I bought it anyway because the inside of the cover has a really cool design. I don’t think I should have bought it though. It’s bigger than the rest of my books and doesn’t fit in with the others when I try to organize them on my bookshelf. Eventually I’ll repurchase it in a smaller size. (Keep an eye out for me!)


My boyfriend bought us books from a website called thriftbooks where they sell new and used books. One of the books he ordered had writing in it which sucked. He said he would read it but I felt bad so I ordered him a better version from the same site and also ordered two A.C. books for myself. (They have information on the conditions of the books on their FAQ page) The photos of the book covers were really cool on the website but I only ended up receiving one of the covers shown. They are both still really cool though. The books I ordered are Taken at the Flood and Surprise! Surprise! Taken at the Flood was the cover shown on the website.


On my birthday in March, I stopped by a half price books and during my ritual of scouring the foyer racks for old Agatha Christie books, I managed to find more than the twelve I bought. I ended up only buying twelve because the other books were slightly different sizes or duplicates and I only picked the covers I really liked. Although I ended up buying two of the same book with different covers. Whoops. I’m glad I didn’t pick out more because they ended up being more expensive than I thought! Apparently the employees have numbers so when the price tag says “2 $3” It doesn’t mean two for three dollars. The guy was really nice about it and gave me a discount on them so I wouldn’t have to pay the full $45 plus the other book I bought. Shout out to that guy! You rule! Although I would have definitely dropped that $45 for these cool covers. The list of Agatha Christie books I bought that day were: Funerals are Fatal (original British title: After the Funeral), A Caribbean Mystery, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The Pale Horse, The Mirror Crack’d (original British title: The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side), Dead Man’s Folly (this is the one I bought two of), The Body in the Library, The Tuesday Club Murders, Ordeal by Innocence, N or M?, and Murder on the Links.


I would watch Poirot on Netflix almost every day it seemed, until they took it down. I also watched a few episodes of Miss Marple but Poirot was my favorite. I’ll have to save up and buy all of the seasons soon! I really miss watching them. I seen a season of Poirot at Walmart but when I went back, it was already gone. I’m glad other people like that show too! I also went to see the new Murder on the Orient Express movie when it came out. Even though it wasn’t David Suchet as Poirot, I liked it a lot. Have you seen any of these or read any Agatha Christie books? Let me know what you thought or if you’ll check them out!

Well this was my collection! I hope you liked it and I hope you’ll check out Agatha Christie if you haven’t already. I really enjoy mystery and murder, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Agatha Christie Book Collection”

  1. This looks similar to my collection, I have a bunch of those old second hand ones but I recently started collecting the new editions. I also played the And Then There Were None game and that was actually the first book of hers that I read. I am doing a reading project this year to get through all the Hercule Poirot novels and it’s been so fun! There was a girl on booktube who started it and called it Project Poirot. I’ve been participating but at my own pace. I have a blog post about it. I am only a few books from finishing, but that might be something a fellow Agatha Christie fan would enjoy!

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