Mini May Mail Haul

At the end of April I ordered the Doki Doki box from Japancrate. It only took two weeks to arrive at my house after it shipped from Japan! The website says it can take up to six weeks to arrive, so I was pretty worried that I would end up getting it in June. I mostly subscribed because I was hoping for some neat Sailor Moon items since Amazon messed up my car shade order. (I still haven’t received a refund or exchange even though I sent it back weeks ago.) I also ordered some candles from Burke & Hare Co. They took a little while to ship out my order, probably because they are a small business but the shipping time was really fast!

I was really excited to see what would be in my mystery Doki Doki box so I opened it on the porch! Please excuse the glare from the sun, I thought the natural light would be nicer than the lighting in my room. I didn’t know that I would get beauty related items like the Rilakkuma wipes, so I don’t know if I would buy one again from them even if they are super cute. I would rather know for sure that they have vegan items. I don’t want to buy a subscription box that supports animal cruelty. Before I get carried away, let’s get back to the box! May’s theme is Up, Up, And Away, essentially just meaning a travel themed box. Inside my box I received everything the same as the photos on the paper, except the travel bag was the blue ice cream theme and the ticket holder was another picture of the little pink and blue children. (You can barely see it through the bright light from the sun. I’m sorry!)

I was going to put a photo of the travel kit here but the sun has set and the lighting is poor. I can post a photo on my instagram @eternitylnv, if anyone wants to see it. But you can also just Google it probably so do whatever you want.

Even though I don’t travel I still found uses for all of these things. I knew the box would have the travel bag and I definitely needed one. I could never find any cute ones that were small enough to keep in a bag or leave in the glove compartment of my car. This one is the perfect size and has two small open pockets, one on the inside and one on the outside. It comes with two tiny bottles for soaps or whatever you want to put in them, and one little pot with a screw on lid that I put body cream in. It also came with a red ice cream themed fold out comb that pulled my hair and a little red mirror that I left in the inside pocket of the bag. That little mirror rules! I don’t wear a lot of makeup, mostly just mascara and eyebrow gel, and those fit in there as well. Last week I was having a toothache so I also kept ibuprofen in it and there was surprisingly still a lot of room left. It can also be used just to hold little items or you can use it as a first aid bag for your car. I like to be prepared for anything! The box also had a cute luggage tag that I thought I would just hang on a backpack or something. On the back of the tag it has a plastic cover over a little card that you can put your name, address, and phone number on. I tried writing my name and info but I didn’t let it dry long enough and it’s smeared now. Maybe I’ll flip it over and try again later. You could also put a tiny photo in it as well! The wipes are just in my car in case I spill something or get gas on my hands while filling up my car. Wipes are always handy. I also decided to use my ticket holder to keep my car insurance documents inside and maybe some paper and a pen if I ever need them. I keep forgetting to put it in my car though. The last thing in the box was a plush bunny baby with wings that is holding a little natural gemstone ball. Mine was the blue one from the photo. It has one of those ball chains looped through a loop on it’s head so I put it on my keys as a keychain. It is super cute and I never lose my keys now! I think I will switch out the ball chain to a regular circle one that you put keys on because I don’t want to lose her.

I just received my Burke & Hare Co. order today! You can see my cats trying to see and smell what’s inside. I found them through the Massachusetts tattoo artists Ryan and Matthew Murray. I’ve followed Matt and Ryan on instagram(@mattwmurray @ryanmrray)  for a while hoping I would save up enough for a trip to MA for some tattoos and spooks! They posted a photo on their instagram of a collaboration they did with Burke & Hare Co. Ryan and Matt along with two other artists did artwork for B&H’s modern prayer candle series. The candles were really spooky which I’m super into, so I went to check out their website FAQ’s and they said that “We do not use any animal byproducts and our fragrance oil suppliers do not test on animals! We are Vegan friendly!” so I instantly started looking at all of the scents they offered. I was really excited to see that they didn’t have the basic scents you would find in most candle selections.

I picked out mine from the Modern Dark Decor page on their website but if you are in the area, they have a shop called October. They also included a tea light sample in my package which is also from the Modern Dark Decor page. It’s one of their scents named Lunacy. It’s a customer favorite and I can definitely see why! The notes for Lunacy are lavender, vanilla, and black myrrh. For me it smells really nostalgic of something nice from my childhood. I can’t pin point what it’s from but I love it! I’ll definitely have to buy the full sized version in my next order. The ones I bought were all 6oz but they also come in a 16oz. I picked out I am Providence first because I thought a candle with the notes sea kelp, moss, ozone, and gardenia would smell really fresh. It smells like a better version of the fresh cotton scent that every brand has. I really like it and I think it’ll really make everything smell clean. They also tell you in the description of each candle what inspired that scent. For this one it was H.P. Lovecraft’s tombstone. The next one I bought was Nevermore. I bought it for my boyfriend who liked a tobacco scented candle at Target. It smelled disgusting. But I felt bad for putting it down so I picked one for him called Nevermore for it’s notes of teakwood, tobacco, black pepper, and vanilla. I have to say that I was really scared to smell it but it’s actually really pleasant. It doesn’t burn my nose or smell like the people smoking by the entrance of the place you are trying to go, so I am grateful for that. The inspiration for this one is Edgar Allan Poe. When I was ready to check out I realized that my shipping cost stayed the same as I added more to the cart so I bought a third one called Cemetery Gates. I mostly clicked on it because I’m a huge fan of The Smiths and they have a song called cemetary gates. But the actual inspiration was from them wandering around in the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts and the Forest Home Victorian Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI. They also said that this is their signature candle with notes of hay, sweet grass, and Earth. I bought it because of The Smiths, the smell of grass, and that in the description they say it evokes the sense of wandering through headstones on a damp fall morning. I wish it was fall year round so heck yes I bought it, and I’m so glad I did because it smells exactly like fall. I love my candles so much and I cannot wait to burn them. I highly recommend them only after having them for a few hours. Hopefully I can order some more soon and maybe pick up one or a few of their perfume oils. The solid scents have beeswax in them so they aren’t vegan. I seen on B&H’s instagram (@burkehareco) that they recently came out with candles inspired by some of their favorite songs and they have one called Disintegration inspired by the song of the same name by The Cure! If they still have it when I make another order, i’m definitely picking that one up. I haven’t been in the mood for music but I will listen to The Cure as well as The Smiths any day of the week! I hope you found something cool to spend your money on and thank you for reading this all! I am very excited about my new things! (Mostly the candles but cute things are still cute and useful!)

Catch you later, alligator!

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