Starter Vegan – Walmart Groceries

I was originally going to make a full list of vegan and accidental vegan foods from Walmart and other stores, but it was extremely long! There are TONS of things you can buy that are vegan friendly, so instead of doing that, I’m just going to use a basic shopping outline that I found online and try to give ideas for vegan alternatives and tips for shopping! I’ll be starting from the back of the store. This is my fourth time trying to write this post so if it sucks, I am sorry, but I’m tired of people relying on misinformation (*cough cough* PETA) so I am doing my best to give you easy and accurate information. ALSO recipes for items change sometimes and your store may have different options, so double check ingredients and google any ingredients that sound unfamiliar. Here we go!

Bonus drinking game: Take a drink/shot every time I say “vegan” or “check the ingredients.” (Use water to stay hydrated today!)

***These are the most common ingredients that I see that are NOT vegan: milk, eggs, honey, gelatin, carmine (aka: natural red 4, cochineal, or crimson lake), vitamin D3, and any animal ingredients (beef broth, chicken powder, etc.)***

My store carries dairy-free yogurt but I’m not a huge fan of the texture of yogurts and puddings. When I have the rare craving for yogurt, I will get So Delicious coconut milk yogurt in the blueberry flavor but they also have vanilla. We also have Silk yogurts made from soy milk or almond milk. The flavors they have for soy are vanilla, strawberry, and peach mango. For almond they have dark chocolate coconut, plain, strawberry, peach, and vanilla. Moving on to the dairy-free milks and creamers, there are a ton of dairy-free milks to choose from! You can get sweetened, unsweet, original, vanilla, and chocolate milks in many different nut milks. I’ve seen soy, almond, coconut, cashew, almond/cashew, and macadamia nut milks. I know you can get hemp and oat milk but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen either of them at Walmart. If you want to stock up on nut milks, they have non-refrigerated boxes in the candy/juice aisle. They are also smaller if you want to get a few to try or only need some for a recipe or whatever. For dairy-free creamers, our Walmart carries coffeemate almond milk creamer in vanilla, caramel, and a coconut milk creamer in sweet cream. Silk also has an almond milk creamer in vanilla and caramel. CHECK THE INGREDIENTS. When I worked at a grocery store someone bought a “dairy-free” creamer but when I checked the ingredients, it had milk on the list. My Walmart carries Earth Balance butter tubs and that’s all I’ve ever used and I love them so much! They have original and soy-free at my store, I’ve tried them both but I didn’t notice a difference in texture or flavor but I also don’t eat it by itself. For cheese, they have Chao original flavored sliced cheese in the produce section. It’s around $5 for ten slices. It works as a cheese alternative for sandwiches or cheese burgers, but doesn’t melt as much as real cheese or Daiya cheese would.

Oreos are accidentally vegan! They have a million flavors so I would just check the ingredients to be sure. I used to buy the Belvita breakfast bars in dark chocolate and orange-cranberry, and unless they’ve changed their recipe, both of those should be suitable for vegans. I can’t really find a whole lot of vegan cookies so I make mine at home but if you want to look outside of oreos and fig newtons, go ahead because you never know what could be vegan! Some triscuits, wheat thins, and crackers are suitable for vegans as well! I like the beet thins crackers, they are so good! Some chips that I’ve found that are accidentally vegan are the spicy sweet chili Doritos, all dressed Ruffles, jalapeno and salt and vinegar Kettle Brand potato chips (this brand has a ton of vegan flavors but only these two flavors are at my store), and I want to say most/all of the flavors of Terra chips are vegan. But just check the ingredients because companies like to slip in milk where it’s not needed. Most tortilla chips are also vegan so you can have nachos or chips and dip/salsa! The bean dip (in the can with lid) from Fritos is vegan and I’m assuming their salsas are too! In the baking aisle they have a section for gluten-free foods and dried fruits. You can get apple sauce in the cereal aisle. In the candy/juice aisle they have rice cakes and I want to say that some of them could be vegan, but every time I buy them I never eat them so I haven’t bought them since I became vegan. Some popular candies that are vegan are skittles, Swedish fish, sour patch kids, certain dark chocolate bars, jolly ranchers, airheads, twizzlers, sweet tarts, lemonheads, and smarties! Most gummy candies contain gelatin which is animal derived. ALSO fruit roll ups are vegan HECK YEAH!

I have a hard time finding cereals that are vegan. You may think a lot of cereals would be vegan if they don’t contain milk or honey, but most of them contain vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is formed naturally in the skin when exposed to sunlight, is present in significant levels in certain fish and eggs, and is also commercially made from lanolin washed from lambs’ wool. I usually have to look at the organic/healthy cereals to find ones that I can eat. I’m currently getting the Walmart brand strawberry awake, a knock off of special K’s strawberry cereal. I tried a few others but they weren’t that great. If you are unsure, check the ingredients! Most cereal boxes will show nutritional facts for the cereal and then for the cereal with cow’s milk so make sure you are checking the cereal only part when looking. The cereals might say they contain vitamin D in the nutritional facts but if you look at the ingredients it should say what kind of vitamin D it contains, which is sadly D3 most of the time. I am forever looking for vegan fruity pebbles. Give me a shout if you find some! There are a lot of companies coming out with vegan meats but the heroes we really need are the ones that will make delicious vegan cereals! Oatmeal is cool and you can add all of the delicious vegan toppings your heart desires! IF you are buying the microwavable packets I would check the ingredients before purchasing. Most poptarts contain gelatin and/or milk but it doesn’t hurt to check the ingredients. Larabar has a lot of flavors that are vegan!

Baking/cooking has become my absolute favorite thing to do lately. There’s so much you can do with flour, baking powder, and baking soda! For sugar I buy Sugar In The Raw and it’s really good! I find that it needs to be dissolved before adding it to the batter or dough so I just mix it with my fake egg mixture or liquid before adding the liquid to the flour. I’ve tried coconut sugar and I’m not a big fan of it at all. I used it to make chocolate chip cookies and it made the cookies taste weird. But it might work for your tastes or other recipes. There are also a lot of neat things like matcha powder, goji berry powder, flax seeds, and chia seeds!

Canned Foods: I buy way too many vegetables here but it’s easy and quick and they last forever so if you accidentally buy 200 cans of chickpeas, you’ll be able to use them before they expire. Stock up that pantry! I also buy a lot of canned tomatoes/tomato sauce for recipes. I like to get the canned tomato sauce and season it myself for spaghetti. I know they have canned fruit too but it creeps me out so I don’t buy them. (Pineapples are okay!)

I love pasta! I’m thinking about buying a pasta maker when I am financially ready for that haha. (Homemade pasta and ramen noodles please!) But for now I buy mine pre-made from Walmart and the only thing I do is make sure there are no eggs in the pasta. Other than that, it’s pretty easy. I used to buy tortellini a lot when I was a vegetarian but I feel like most of them contain dairy so just be wary if you want to look for that type of thing. I haven’t seen any vegan tortellini or ravioli but I honestly haven’t been looking for them.

The brand Just (Just for all) has a vegan mayo, ranch dressing, and Caesar dressing. In my opinion as a ranch lover, Just ranch dressing is the most like hidden valley ranch but I haven’t had HV ranch in a loooooooong time. Most condiments like mustard, ketchup, etc. should be vegan but if you have any doubts or if you want to make sure it’s vegan, check the ingredients!

Bread: Check the ingredients because they like to sneak in milk into things that don’t need it. Also some breads have honey in them! But there are vegan breads, bagels, english muffins, and tortillas!

Frozen: Frozen fruits and veggies are cool! You can put them in smoothies and cook them pretty easily and use them in a ton of recipes. Beware of the steamable veggies with sauce, a lot of them have milk in them sadly. But you can always make your own at home using plain frozen veggies. All Walmart stores should have a small plant protein area in the frozen section near the frozen vegetables. It mostly consists of Morning Star Farms frozen foods which are vegetarian foods. They contain milk and eggs but no animal meat. They like to sneak in “health foods” that are NOT vegan/vegetarian so make sure you read the ingredients! Gardein is another brand that has quite a few foods in that area, they are 100% vegan! I like them a lot and I will buy their products at least once a month. They rule! My Walmart also carries Beyond Meat beef crumbles but not the patties. (I prefer the Gardein beef crumbles.) There’s a brand called Quorn which I read online that they are mostly vegan but some items contain egg white or milk ingredients. I’ve never bought anything from them but if you want to try them out, check to make sure they are vegan! We also have Sweet Earth burritos. We have three flavors, I think two are vegetarian and one is vegan. They say on the packaging what they are in case you don’t want to check ingredients. I’ve never tried the vegan flavor because it has onions and I really loathe onions. Walmart also carries a bunch of vegan ice creams! There are so many flavors to choose from! Brands like Halo Top (pancakes & waffles is soooo good!) and Ben & Jerry’s (chocolate cherry garcia is my go-to!) aren’t completely vegan but they have some flavors that are vegan! Arctic Zone is all vegan I believe, but when I tried it a few years ago, it had an oily texture that didn’t feel like ice cream. I even saw on Instagram that Haagen Dazs is coming out with vegan ice creams! So Delicious has vegan ice creams and ice cream bars made with cashew and coconut milk.

Produce: ANYTHING YOU WANT! Also, near the refrigerated dressings they have tofu, vegan sausages, and vegan hot dogs! (This is also where the Chao cheese will be) Between the produce and bakery area, there are a bunch of different fruits, nuts, and trail mixes, just remember to check the ingredients.

Deli: HUMMUS! I only ever buy hummus in this area so I don’t know if there is anything else! Just remember to check the ingredients!

Orange juice will sometimes have vitamin D3 in it and some flavors of ruby red juices contain carmine so watch out for those! Drink what you want just check the ingredients! For alcoholic drinks I will include some links to find vegan beers and stuff! Vegan beers and vegan status of any beer, wine, or liquor!

Once you find all of the vegan options for every area, shopping will be a breeze! I hope this helped you in some way and I will be making more posts about vegan stuff soon!

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  1. A lot of useful information in the cereal/breakfast paragraph! Good job 🙂

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  2. Kelly says:

    This is so helpful!! I’ve been looking everywhere in my Walmart for Gardein and I can’t find it! I’ve even tried going to other grocery stores. 😦 Maybe you could do a series of vegan foods at *such and such store* like an Aldi’s edition or something?

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    1. eternitylnv says:

      I’ll help you look sometime but it should be by the frozen vegetables! There are only two cases at my Walmart for the vegetarian/vegan frozen foods!


  3. Thank you for all the work you put into this post. You made it easy for me to start a grocery list. Otherwise, I would have no idea where to start.

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  4. dpranita583 says:

    It’s very nice thing that you are loving to vegan

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