Fall Favorites


I originally wanted to do an October favorites but it passed by really fast so I thought I would just do a seasonal favorites post instead. I have tried more things since October that I’m excited about, so I’ll have more to talk about in this post! Also if you haven’t been here before, I am vegan so everything I mention in this post is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free! I hope you find some things to check out and try and I will include links for anything I can find! I guess I should tell you that I bought everything with my own money, and also the photo is of a tree at my university.

Homework Helping Apps!
I downloaded this app to make flashcards for my French class so I didn’t have to waste paper, lug them all around with me, and spend hours writing them all out. I typed them all on my computer through the website so it was really easy! My quizlet is @eternitylnv if you want to use my french flashcards. The app also speaks when you press on the speaker button and that’s really helpful for pronunciation! This app is free on the Apple store!

Photomath and Socratic
I used these to help me with math homework! If one didn’t help me, I would use the other one. They both have the option for taking a photo of the math problem which is nice but you have to double check that the question is correct on the app because sometimes it’ll read a number or letter weird and it won’t give you an answer to your actual problem. They can both give you answers and tell you what steps they took to get there. Socratic also can help you with more subjects, not just math! These apps are free on the Apple store!

Khan Academy
I recently downloaded this to help me with my baby math final and it’s actually really neat! You can work through problems at your own pace and it keeps track of everything you’ve learned! It also tells you how to do the problems and includes the videos they’ve made on the topics which can be quite helpful as well! This app is free on the Apple store, and they also have YouTube videos and more resources on their website!

Face and Body Care
Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash
I picked this up on a whim because I wanted to use something different than my go-to face wash. It smells like freshly cut grass in the best way possible. Am I and Hermione the only people that like that smell? But I have been breaking out more than my usual adult acne and I just wanted to try something new. It was probably just from not washing my face enough and using makeup remover face wipes instead of cleansing my face haha. But the face wash did help my face clear up, so that made me feel better. I think it was a combination of the face wash and me wanting to use something new that smelled good which made me wash my face more often, which ultimately led to clearer skin. Either way, I use it every day and it smells so fresh that my face feels really clean afterwards. After using any face wash I have to apply moisturizer in some spots, so I couldn’t tell you if it dries out skin or not. This was $10, I bought a travel size from Ulta for $5.

The Body Shop Festive Hand Cream Trio
I recently bought the Festive Hand Cream Trio. I used to have a pink grapefruit scented one that I bought from TJ Maxx that I really liked. I worked at a grocery store during the winter time, and my knuckles would get so dried out that they would even crack and bleed sometimes, but using that hand cream would prevent that from happening. Now that the weather is getting cold and I want everything peppermint scented, I ordered the trio! I want to say it was on sale for around $10-$15 with tax and shipping during a cyber Monday sale or something, but they are always having sales so it could have just been a random sale. I have been using it and I still really enjoy the formula. You don’t need to use a lot of it and I like that it’s like almond milk, thick and watery at the same time, because it absorbs into my hands better. They also have a set of body butters but when I used the “vegan” filter, they didn’t show up, so keep that in mind if you are vegan and looking at their holiday scents! The trio came with the scents: Berry Bon Bon, Peppermint Candy Cane, and Vanilla Marshmallow. The peppermint candy cane smelled the best, the berry bon bon smelled like an average berry scented item but still good, and I haven’t opened the vanilla marshmallow one yet but when I smelled the opening, it kind of stunk. 

Hello Toothbrush
I love Hello, they are my favorite toothpaste brand and the company is really great and extremely friendly! When I first became cruelty-free a few years ago, I couldn’t find a toothpaste that made my teeth feel clean. Eventually I found Hello and honestly, they are the best! Their toothpastes don’t burn my mouth but they still make my mouth feel so clean and fresh after brushing, it’s the perfect middle of minty and sweet! They came out with a charcoal whitening toothpaste as well as a matching toothbrush and a mouthwash a while back, but when my Walmart finally started carrying the toothbrush, it was always sold out. I finally got my hands on one and I really like it! It’s a soft bristled brush and it has a smaller head than the head of a normal toothbrush which I personally like. I like that it’s small enough to let me clean behind my teeth, especially the back teeth without discomfort. I definitely recommend this brand because it’s my absolute favorite and my go-to toothpaste. They have a lot of different flavors and options. I always get the sensitive toothpaste and the charcoal toothpaste. I really did like the mojito mint but sadly they don’t carry it at my Walmart. The toothbrush is $3.99 on their website.

Books, Movies, and Music
Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki
I downloaded this book because I wanted to learn more about minimalism and get rid of a lot of my stuff. I downloaded an app that was supposed to help you become more of a minimalist and I didn’t like it. It was basically just a list of things to go through and organize on your own. I deleted it because it kept making me set deadlines and then sending me notifications about them. I still was curious about the topic because my parents are hoarders and I don’t want to be like them, with so much stuff that I can’t find things or forget I have them in the first place. I like things but I don’t want to have a house full of junk. I definitely don’t want to be the person that has twenty-five articles of clothing for the entire year and only four dishes. This book isn’t about having the least amount of items possible, it’s about having the amount of items you need for your life. He touches on a lot of good things that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my every day life, not just with my belongings. I really enjoyed this book as a whole but I really liked how he talked about how we buy things that we want to represent ourselves with, such as having a lot of books to show people we are smart and knowledgeable or interested in lots of topics, or buying the latest phones and tablets to show people we keep up with new technology. It made me really think about why I am buying things, if they are for me or if i’m only buying them to show the world that I associate with these things.

Eyes Without a Face
My French class had the option to review a French movie for extra credit, so I did it on this movie. I watched another French movie years ago that was a part of a horror movie collection I think, it was called Frontiers and I don’t remember it being that scary. I remember there was a naked lady standing in a hallway though haha. I read the plot and it still sounded boring so I decided to look for another movie, and I found this one. I bought it on iTunes instead of renting it because I thought it was really cool and I knew I would watch it again later. It was really spooky and I honestly enjoyed it so much! It’s a really old film so the special effects aren’t that believable but it’s still so spooky and great! I definitely recommend it if you don’t mind reading English subtitles or if you can speak French! I linked Amazon but you can purchase it from whatever site, physical copy or streamed.

-Recent Favorite Songs!
I’ve been getting really into K-Pop recently to pump myself up before school and I’ve also been listening to a lot of instrumental music while I study. Here are a few songs that I’ve been super into lately. If you want to check out full playlists that I’ve made, you can find me on Apple Music @eternitylnv

We Together by PRODUCE 48
Lullaby by GOT7
Her by Block B
Gee by Girl’s Generation
Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
Marigold by Limes
Kama by Maribou State
Reckless by Crystal Castles
Something Smooth by Brandon Powell
The Chamber of Secrets by John Williams (Yes it’s from the Harry Potter Soundtrack)
Blossom Samurai by Tomppabeats
Satisfied (Ambient Reprise) by Catching Flies

Miscellaneous Favorites

Evutec Phone Case
I recently had to buy a new phone case because my clear sparkly Otterbox started to turn yellow/brown and it looked really gross. I didn’t want to have to spend $50 to replace the one I had so I went to TJ Maxx and found one on sale for $9.99 by Evutec. I bought the A E R Wood Black Apricot for the iPhone 7 Plus. It exceeds military drop protection, it’s super slim, it’s made with real wood, and it also has a metal AFIX insert in the back for mounting, which is embedded in the back of the case so it doesn’t stick out or get in the way. They are partnered with Trees for the Future so they will plant a tree for every wood series case purchased! I really like this phone case, I hate all of the cheesy phone case designs stores always have but this one is just simple and perfect! I put a Pop Socket on it because the case feels slippery to me, it’s an orange slice and I think it looks really cute! I use the case along with a screen protector since it only covers the back and sides and it hasn’t let me down at all! I couldn’t find the link to my phone case so I just linked the website because they have a good selection to choose from!

Burke & Hare Co. Candles
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE candle company! For the fall season, I purchased Halloween and Christmas scents and I LOVE them all! I highly recommend them because they rule! I bought the glass pumpkin with handle, the 4-pack sample bag that included all of the Halloween scents, and I also bought the vom Krampus peppermint scented candle which smells AMAZING! I want to say it’s my favorite and I did buy two full sizes, but I have to say the Halloween 4-pack was my favorite! They all smelled amazing and the little tins they came in are so cute! Next year, I’m going to stock up on those bad boys!

E.l.f. brush
I bought an eyebrow brush from E.l.f. a while back but I just wanted to throw it in here because I always see spoolie brushes get so much hate for NO REASON. The brush I have has an angled brush on one end and a spoolie at the other. I use the spoolie mostly for my eyebrows but I have recently been using it to brush out clumps of mascara in my eyelashes, or to separate them when they get stuck together which happens to me a lot! I like to do mascara before eyeliner and eye shadow because I get it everywhere and I’d rather just clean up the spots and then put in the hours of work on my liner and shadow. So sometimes my eyeliner or eye shadow brush will push my eyelashes together and instead of wearing the four-eyelash look, I brush them out with the spoolie and they are back to normal! The brush was $3!

1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake by Minimalist Baker
I asked Tyler what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he asked for carrot cake. I gave him such a hard time about it but I made it and iced it, and LET ME TELL YOU it was AMAZING! It was so soft and it did not make me think I was eating salad cake. I genuinely liked it and I would definitely make it again! 

Quinoa Black Bean Tacos with Creamy Avocado Sauce by Cookie and Kate
This has been our go-to meal lately and it’s the BEST! I could literally eat this every day and not get tired of it! It’s so good, easy to make, and most definitely worth a try! We also like to use chili lime hot sauce on these as well! I’ve taken them to work and they store really well. We always double every recipe so we can have seconds and thirds, or to save for lunch/dinner later in the day or the next day and you’ll definitely want to do the same for these bad boys!

I just realized that I didn’t take any photos for this blog post, but I can update it with photos if anyone wants to see anything on the list. Almost everything has a link so the product can be viewed online! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you found something cool! Let me know if you like any of these things or if you have recommendations for me! 🙂

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