19 GOALS FOR 2019

I feel like 2018 flew by so fast and I only accomplished a few things, so I want to do more this year! I want to always try to better myself so I’ve made a list of 19 goals or resolutions that I want to do throughout 2019. It was hard to pick 19 things because I feel like I won’t be able to accomplish them all, so I picked some small ones as well. I can always make more later on if I manage to accomplish them all! Whatever you plan to do in 2019, I hope it works out in the best way for you! Here are my goals and resolutions in no particular order!

Drink More Water
It’s something I tell myself to do constantly but I always stop because sugary and carbonated drinks are my weakness! I really love flavored drinks, especially when I eat. I feel like it cleanses my palate or something haha. I downloaded a free app called Done which helps you track your good and bad habits (you have to purchase an add-on to get more than three habits), and since I’m on my phone constantly, hopefully I can remember to log my water intake. You can label them however you want! 😉

Go To The Gym Weekly
I signed up for a gym membership in November but I only went once in December! I signed up because I’m really tired of being a weak baby with spaghetti arms. I also want to get toned up so I don’t constantly feel embarrassed by the way my body looks and if it helps me increase my stamina that would also rule! I’m still trying to figure out when the best time for me to go work out will be around school and work, but once I do that I would like to go once a week and then slowly add more days per week!

Save Money & Stop Impulse Buying
There are a lot of things I want, want to do, and want to be prepared for in life. I should have started saving a looooooong time ago but I just wanted to buy things and have fun. I work part-time currently so I don’t earn a lot of money but I still want to put back a little bit each paycheck. I will spend a few dollars here and there on little things that I don’t need and if I could get that money back, I would have so much! So instead of buying little things here and there that add up to a ridiculous amount per year, I want to put that money in savings to have for nice things or emergencies!

Read & Listen To Books
My first blog post was about books I was going to finish in April 2018 but I lost my momentum and never made the time to finish them! I really enjoy reading and I probably have over thirty books that I’ve bought and never read. I got really into listening to LOTR on audible last year and I really enjoyed it! I still haven’t finished it but it’s nice to listen to while I knit or sew. I could probably listen to it and other audio books while I work out as well! I see a lot of interesting books that I really want to read, but I always have the books I never finished or never started sitting on my bookshelf waiting on me.

Learn How To Do A Kickflip & How To Drop-In
I bought a skateboard last year so I could skate around and learn tricks but I never had the courage to go to the skatepark alone and I couldn’t think of a place to practice out of the view of the public in case I get hurt and cry. My birthday is in March so I’m hoping for a helmet so I won’t crack my skull and get dumber than I already am lol. I love the sound of skateboards in action (if that makes sense) and I watch videos a lot, but it’s getting boring to me after years of watching it but never doing it. Maybe once I get baby skate skills I’ll feel more inspired by those videos and it’ll fuel my fire to do more and to learn more! Also when I go pro (obviously a joke), my top picks for sponsors are Vega because those chocolate caramel protein bars are INSANELY GOOD and Naked because I’m kind of in love with the Bright Beets juice! Keep me fueled so I don’t get hungry while I’m hitting the concrete a hundred times! ❤

Finish All Half-Watched Shows
I’m 100% talking about me never finishing Bleach. I got so far and have watched so many story arcs that I’m pretty sure I’m alllllmost finished with the show but I could still have hundreds of episodes to go haha. I also have started other shows that I want to finish as well. I finished Psycho Pass last year and it was so great! I highly recommend it! I’m really sad that it went by so fast though. I’m currently watching Shiki if anyone is wondering, it’s really good as well! I’ll probably finish it this month because I’m blazing through these episodes and I only have one class right now so I’ll have time to relax and watch.

Make My Instagram Visually Pleasing
I don’t really post on my Instagram that much. I mostly post on stories because I can do more with them like add GIFs and music, and it seems less serious so I can goof off and put crappy dirty bathroom selfies without the worry of not getting likes lol. But my lovely boyfriend gifted me a tripod for Christmas so I can take posed photos without holding my phone or camera. I’m trying to step up my selfie and photo game so hopefully this will all work out better and I can feel proud of my little social media account.

Finish All Unfinished Craft Projects
(So I can start new ones.) I had a lot of clothing I wanted to fix when my sewing machine broke so many years ago, so I have a box of things that are “unfinished” sewing projects. I also bought a pattern for underwear so I have a pair of half sewn underwear somewhere in there as well! I like trying new things so I bought a huge pack of embroidery thread and started to hand embroider a bee on one of my sweatshirts and never finished that either. I did finish embroidering some words on a bodysuit though! There is also an almost finished sock sitting on my desk for months that I messed up and haven’t picked up to fix and finish. I have a lot of unfinished projects in many different crafts that I should finish so I can use them finally, and then I can also start new projects without the guilt of never finishing the other projects!

Stretch Every Day For The Splits
Since I was a child in kindergarten, I decided that I wanted to be able to do the splits! I have been really close to doing them before but now I can’t even touch my toes! Stretching is a good thing to do anyway but my main goal is the splits.

Expand My Cooking/Baking Experience
Since becoming vegan, I’ve made so many things from scratch and they were all so good and so inexpensive! Who knew a bag of flour and a handful of other ingredients could make so many things?! I definitely didn’t! I microwaved everything and maybe warmed something up on the stove a few times in my entire life but now I’m doing EVERYTHING! I have made so many things in 2018 and expanded my cooking skills an insane amount and I’m so glad! I don’t ever need to go to the store to buy a box of cake mix, I can just use ingredients I already have and whip it up! Want soft pretzels with cashew nacho cheese? Ya girl can handle it! It’ll just take a while for the dough to rise lol. I also bought a slow cooker in 2018 and I make soups a lot more now! Tortilla soup is my favorite! I was gifted two slow cooker cook books from my mom for Christmas so I’m going to try those out as well! They have recipes from vegetable broth and soups, to oatmeal, and even pizza! There are a ton of things to make in those books! I really want to make vegan Twix and vegan Snickers so those are my next dessert goals!

Organize My Computer & Emails
I have a ton of photos on my computer as well as a dash of computer games, documents for school, knitting patterns, and other junk. I really need to organize them so I can find the things I need faster! I also get a lot of emails on multiple email accounts so I have thousands of unopened emails just waiting for me probably dating back from 2010 haha. I’m tired of getting a ton of emails for places I don’t shop at anymore or for newsletters I never signed up for!

Put More Effort In Taking Care Of Myself
I take a multivitamin and I eat fairly healthy but I know most people don’t get all of the nutrients they need and I am probably one of those people. No one is exactly the same so a multivitamin might not give me what I am personally lacking. I really want to do this to help my body and to help me get enough of what I need since I’m going to be working out a lot this year (hopefully!).

Be Kinder To Myself
I am so hard on myself constantly and then turn around and wonder why I’m not good enough when I try really hard to be worth something. I will talk crap to myself about something I did or do but if anyone else did or does it, I’ll give them a pass. I’m really hard on myself and I just beat myself down every day and it sucks so I want to stop. I feel like I’m the reason that I’m so sad all the time (besides animal cruelty) and I would rather be happy and enjoy my life and the opportunities I get to have.

Be My Own #1 Fan
I always cry about how I never had support and encouragement my entire life and it never dawned on me that I could be my own support and encourage myself! I relied too heavily on my parents and boyfriend to believe in me when I could have believed in myself all along! It’s going to be hard for me but I want to work on it every day and lift myself up instead of beating myself down! I know I can do things I set my mind to and I like to work hard and achieve things. I always stop myself because I feel like no one else thinks I can do it, even though I have already accomplished a lot of things with no support or encouragement from anyone. I really want to motivate myself and do things for my own happiness and approval.

Hand Wash Delicate Clothing
I never hand wash things that should be and then get mad when my clothes get ripped or wires in my bras are stabbing me. I want to take better care of my clothes so they can last longer and I don’t have to worry about my favorite pair of tights getting ruined somehow!

Make More Time For Gaming
I have a hard time with managing my time, especially now that I go to school full-time. I never seem to have time to do anything but math homework lol. I have bought so many games in 2018 and I want to block out a few hours a day to play so that I can get my mind off of stressful things and just have fun! I also want to bring up my gamerscore and complete all achievements on games!

Blog More Often
I made this blog to talk about things that I do or that interest me because I have no friends. I have fun making blog posts and I am really proud of them sometimes and it makes me so happy when other people read and like what I post! I could talk non-stop for days about things I like or plans and goals that I have, so it’s really nice to write it down on my little blog to keep track of and to share it with others who might be interested in them as well.

Take More Photos & Learn More About Cameras
I recently had the opportunity to go with my friend to an abandoned University and I took a lot of photos there! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to sit down and edit them all, but there were times when I had a lot of trouble trying to get a shot of something and the photo didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I want to expand my camera knowledge that way I’ll know how to change settings or the type of lenses I should use for different situations.

Learn Japanese & Expand My French Vocabulary
I am taking French at my University and I only have one more class to pass before I complete my language requirement. I want to keep learning more French but I would rather learn Japanese instead. I watch a lot of anime and I would definitely LOVE to visit Japan someday! I like French because it’s used all over the world but Japanese would be so cool! I plan on buying a Japanese language book after I finish my French class so I can get started! My university doesn’t offer Japanese classes or anything cool like that so I’ll have to teach myself.

These are my 19 goals or resolutions for 2019! I am definitely not going to do them all at once, I’m going to work on them throughout the year and hopefully by next year I’ll be a skating, sewing, knitting, water-drinking, cooking, baking, Japanese-speaking, work-out machine! If not, I’ll just keep working on them in 2020 unless I change my mind which is okay! I had some of these goals in mind in 2018 but I’m using 2019 as a starting point to make this action plan since everyone is trying to be better right now, it’s nice to feel a part of something so big!

Also if you’re not vegan you should try it! Help the planet, animals, and yourself! I went vegan in January 2018 so I’ll be a one-year vegan sometime this month! I should have wrote down the day but I just decided enough was enough and that was all that mattered. Let’s all do our best this year regardless of how many goals/resolutions you have or don’t have! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  1. Kelly says:

    I have a bunch of the same goals! I want to read more books, work out more, put more effort into myself, and make my ig prettier too! I have a bunch more too but overall it’s pretty much just get better at everything lol! I love how you put be kinder to yourself too, everyone should have that one!<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eternitylnv says:

      We should have a book club so we can talk about the books together! I never know anyone to talk to about my books!


  2. Excessive & Composed says:

    You’ve got this ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eternitylnv says:

      Thank you! 💖💖

      Liked by 1 person

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