What’s in my Backpack – Uni Student

I only have one more day before I go back to uni so I thought I’d make a lil blog post about what’s in my backpack! This is mostly because I got a new school box a week or two ago and I’m still so excited about it! I had a really rough spring semester so I’m really motivated to have a good fall semester! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a new school box to bring up your morale, plus I like being prepared so I made sure I had everything in my bag ready to go!

First, on the outside of my bag, I have this little baby Cinnamoroll luggage tag. ❤ I forget my water bottle a lot but I never forget my backpack in class, but JUST IN CASE! I also think it’s so cute and I’m too poor to travel so I think it works well for this instead! I got this in a Doki Doki box which I talked about in a previous blog post. I’ll link it HERE! The other side has a little window with a paper that i wrote my name and phone number on so if it gets lost, it at least has a chance of making its way back to me!

In my front pocket I will keep my calculators even though I’m not taking a math class this semester, and some little useful things. I keep hand sanitizer because it’s always useful and people are gross. I keep a bottle of lotion, not this particular one because it’s a bit stinky, but it’s always useful to have especially in the winter! I have a little travel bottle I’m going to fill up with my favorite body butter (Pacifica in Indian Coconut Nectar) so i’ll put that in there instead of the Vanilla Marshmallow one! I keep a scrunchie, hair ties, and bobby pins because sometimes I need them and it’s nice to pull my hair up if my neck gets hot or my hair is in my face. Also when I work hard on a hairstyle and it starts to come out because I didn’t put enough bobby pins in or they fell out while I was speed walking to class! I also keep earphones to listen to K-Pop on the way to class or to watch anime while waiting for class to start. I don’t have friends at uni so it’s nice to just listen to something and make myself seem busy instead of just standing around looking at other people talk to each other. The mouth patterned circle is a compact mirror I bought from Forever 21 maybe five years ago? unlike a blush or powder compact, it has a mirror on both sides so it won’t get messy if it opens! I had times where I felt like something was in my eye in class and I just kind of blindly touched my eye wherever it hurt to try to fix it and it took a while if that even did work so this will be much nicer, plus I’ll be able to use the hand sanitizer before touching my eye so I won’t make it worse!

In the main compartment I keep my binder and in the binder pocket I keep little tabs to use to divide classes. I find it’s easier to use a binder instead of notebooks because I will write a lot of notes for one class and maybe not so much for another and instead of having a half-empty notebook and a full notebook, I can just use however many sheets I need for that particular class without worry of running out of space or having to figure out how to use a half-empty notebook next time, etc. It’s probably not this dramatic but it’s easier for me to use a binder. Then around test time or exam time, I can take out the pages of notes that I don’t need and can save space as well as saving time looking for things. I also keep my NEW PENCIL BOX in there! I bought this at Wal-Mart. They didn’t have a very big selection for the boxes, they had a lot more of the smaller pencil cases. My box is from Cra-Z-Art and was 97 cents! Online and maybe at other locations they had it in blue and pink as well, but my store only carried the black which is okay because I like it! This one has a snap closure so it wont accidentally open if you smash it with a book or something. It’s very secure! IT seems sturdy so I hope I’ll be able to continue using it for years!

Here’s what I keep in my school box! This one is tall enough to fit my stapler which is amazing!!! I originally had to keep it in my front pocket and I would also put candy in that pocket so it would get dusty and sticky haha.

I keep a few different types of pens which I use for different things. I have pens that glide smoothly for note taking (i’m trying out different ones to find what pen works best with fast writing), very thin pens for writing tiny things on my notes that I forgot to add or things like that, I keep a red pen for correcting things I messed up on or for self-grading, and one felt pen for bold writing on paper, such as titles for different sections of notes or on a post-it to remind me of things like “BUY A SCANTRON DINGUS” so I won’t forget! 🙂

For pencils, I have decided to only use mechanical because I don’t want to deal with carrying around a sharpener and having to sharpen a pencil, getting lead and shavings everywhere etc. it’s easier for me to stick with pencils that don’t need to be sharpened, at least for uni! I have my main pencil which is the blue Papermate one with 0.5mm lead and that I carry extra lead and an eraser for! I also keep a Bic #2 0.7mm lead pencil to use for scantrons because I’m not entirely sure if the Papermate one works on them. Lastly I have two Halloween-themed pencils because they are cute, obviously, but also because I am a sucker for the Target impulse buy shelves that are like $1-6? ANYWAYS I’m trying to use them because I bought a huge pack all for myself a couple of years ago and haven’t used up a single one! They are the pencils that have the tips you pull out and push into the bottom when they are done so the new tip will pop up. I hope this makes sense because I don’t think they have a specific name, let me know if they do! The eraser is on the lid so if I run out of eraser or lose them then i’m just left with pencil tips lol! I impulse bought these a while back and while they are very cute, I regret buying them because they contain so much plastic. If you like them, I’ll just give you some of mine lol! They came in a lot of different patterns but I like the cats and pumpkins best! 🙂

I bought a big pack of Stabilo highlighters and I really like them! My first two semesters I tried to keep a theme to match whatever highlighter I was using but now I’m just using whatever I have. I really like this highlighter but it can leak through basic pages even with a quick, light hand. I don’t use them that often but they probably wouldn’t get dry or run out of ink if I highlighted an entire book lol. Very reliable!

I keep a plain eraser for mistakes that my pencil eraser can’t handle. I got these Halloween-themed Pusheen erasers from Hot Topic probably a year or two ago and I saved them to use at uni lol. I keep an extra mechanical pencil eraser just in case as well as lead, which I definitely will use! I use the Wite-Out for mistakes I make in pen. I hate the way it looks but its better than scribbling it out because you can write over it. I also keep washi tape in case I need to tape something, decorate something, or mark spots in books or my notes because they aren’t damaging when you remove them (there might be some washi tapes that are damaging so test it out first!). If i need to mark something but also write down something like “read pgs 230-245” then i’ll use the baby post-it notes! I’ll also use the big post it notes for long notes or reminders!

Last but not least, I keep binder clips and paper clips! I rent most of my books so sometimes they are on the verge of, or already falling apart and I just use the clips to keep the pages or book together! I also give them to classmates if they need them to keep their books together lol. I think it’s something people don’t really think of but is always very handy when you do need them! I also use them for papers I can’t or don’t need to staple together but need to keep together and as bookmarks if I don’t mind potential creasing on the pages.

There are also other things I keep in my bag like school books, a water bottle (which needs washing), snacks (which need buying :p), and a little pencil bag I keep my period supplies in. I keep the period bag by itself because I track my periods and know when I’ll start so I don’t need to keep supplies with me all the time, but if you have periods and don’t track them, I’d probably keep a school days worth of supplies in there and you can get more for the next day. One day i’ll master the menstrual cup but for now, it’s pads/tampons/liners. So when the times come I just throw that lil P pencil bag in my backpack and i’m good to go! 🙂

I love school supplies and stationery so this post was fun for me! I also used to keep a ruler in my bag but i’ve managed to lose it. I would keep it in the laptop compartment. I have a huge laptop so I don’t carry it unless absolutely necessary, so that’s why I didn’t mention it. I use it more as a home laptop lol.

Update: I forgot to mention that I also bring a power bank sometimes because not all classrooms have accessible outlets and professors might be annoyed with my phone out even if I’m only charging it. I’ve also started Invisalign this summer so I’ll personally be bringing a little bag with my toothbrush and floss so I can have a snack and not have food stuck in my trays all day! 🙂

Thank you for reading! 😀

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  1. Kelly says:

    You are so organized! I like how you think of everything! I carried lotion and hand sanitizer all the time too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eternitylnv says:

      Thank you! I feel like they are lil essentials but I never see anyone carry them! We come PREPARED! 🙂


  2. That’s a good idea using a binder instead of notebooks. I feel guilty when I have so much paper left over in my notebooks. I do rip out the notes and try to reuse them outside of school though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eternitylnv says:

      Yes I have been trying to rip out the pages of all of my old notebooks to use as scrap paper but there’s so much! Haha


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